How Come Your Legal Fee So Expensive ah?


On the Internet, there are already various articles discussing about the cost of hiring a lawyer:

I share a lot of the same views as the authors of the above articles and I have no intention to repeat the same as they had took the words right out of my mouth (mostly).

What I would like to do is for my readers to ponder upon this: Have you all ever wonder why custom-made item is expensive?

Well, it is because:

  1. Custom means personalisation. Item is made in accordance to the need of the customer.
  2. Custom means quality work. The years of experience of the professional and the time dedicated for the work produced quality item.
  3. Custom means uniqueness. No one item produced is the same.
  4. Custom means a great customer experience. Customer get direct consultations and style assistance from the professional.

Legal matter is the same (most of the time). Will, Power of Attorney, contract, statement of claim, and statement of defence are all custom-made, specifically tailored according to the facts given by the client. Many hours were spent (sometime we have to burn midnight oil) to put it down in black and white, to choose the right word to be used and also to proofread the papers. All these were done to ensure the quality of work is of the best and client’s rights are protected.

So, next time before you say “Aiya, is just paper, why so expensive?”, T-H-I-N-K!

ps: For those who has financial difficulties but is in need to hire a lawyer, you may try the following:

Is it free?


Yes, is not free. You will still have to pay for court filing fees and some other disbursements.


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