I Have A 99 Years Land Title, What Happen After That?

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Few months ago, my cousin asked me the above question and I believe that some of you that has a 99 years title would like to know what happen next when your 99 years title lapse. Here we go~ Continue reading “I Have A 99 Years Land Title, What Happen After That?”

How Come Your Legal Fee So Expensive ah?


On the Internet, there are already various articles discussing about the cost of hiring a lawyer:

I share a lot of the same views as the authors of the above articles and I have no intention to repeat the same as they had took the words right out of my mouth (mostly).

What I would like to do is for my readers to ponder upon this: Have you all ever wonder why custom-made item is expensive? Continue reading “How Come Your Legal Fee So Expensive ah?”

Sunway Pyramid’s Lenovo Incident


Recently, I stumble upon these 2 articles:

Sunway Pyramid’s Lenovo Staff Scammed Student for just ‘Checking’ Her Laptop

Another Victim from S.Korea Reveals How He Was Scammed by Sunway Pyramid’s Lenovo Staff  

Both of the above mentioned articles has 1 common issue which is the shop demanded and accepted payment without intending to supply services.

FYI, it is an offence under S.16 Consumer Protection Act 1999 and if the shop is found guilty, it liable to be fined to as much as RM250,000.

How to make a report for such matter?

Well, actually is quite simple. A consumer can file a complaint online at Tribunal for Consumer Claims Malaysia page by just filling up Form 1 and pay a RM5 fees for the filing (flow chart here).

For more information, you may visit the Consumer Tribunal page.


False and Misleading Advertisement (2)


Let’s continue from where we left off previously. (Click Here if have not read it)

As I had mentioned in previous post, there are 4 types of false and misleading advertisement that the Consumer Protection Act 1999 (hereinafter referred as ‘the Act’) prohibits and today we are going to talk about the last two. Continue reading “False and Misleading Advertisement (2)”

False and Misleading Advertisement (1)


In Malaysia, Consumer Protection Act 1999 came into force in order to protect the rights of the consumers. Throughout the years, the governmental body has received a number of complaints on false and misleading advertisement.

What leads to a false and misleading advertisement?  Under the Consumer Protection Act 1999 (hereinafter referred as ‘the Act’) interpreted the word false, misleading or deceptive in relation to conduct, representation or practice, includes conduct, representation or practice which is capable of leading a consumer into error. Generally, there are few types of false and misleading advertisement namely: Continue reading “False and Misleading Advertisement (1)”

Legal Fee For Your Immovable Property Transaction Has Changed

The Solicitors’ Remuneration Order 2005 governs the legal fees of a lawyer in respect of non-contentious matter and at the 70th Annual General Meeting of the Malaysian Bar on 19 Mar 2016, Members of the Bar adopted a resolution to amend Order 6 (no discount rule), the First Schedule (Sale and Transfer) and the Third Schedule (Security or Loan) of the Solicitors’ Remuneration Order 2005 .

The Solicitors’ Remuneration (Amendment) Order 2017 (“SRAO 2017”) has been approved by Solicitors Costs Committee on 20 January 2017 pursuant to section 113 of the Legal Profession Act 1976. The said amendments was gazetted on 2 Mar 2017 as P.U.(A) 67/2017 and shall take effect on 15 Mar 2017.

The Changes Continue reading “Legal Fee For Your Immovable Property Transaction Has Changed”

Of one man, one vote in Malaysia


*An article by me that was published in Malaysiakini on 21 September 2016 and MalayMail Online on 20 September 2016 respectively.

The recent proposal in regards to the delimitation of constituencies has raised many eyebrows. It seems that the principle of ‘one man, one vote’ is just words or is it so?

The one man, one vote principle is one in which the value of each vote is equal to each other and it is one of the core principles that ensures voting rights of a citizen in a democratic country is not diminished. The equal value of each vote can be maintained by preventing malapportionment through the equality in size of each constituency. Continue reading “Of one man, one vote in Malaysia”

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